THE ESTATE SALE - Fun Furniture, Rare Books, and Other Curiosities

The Estate Sale in San Diego is here to help you.

We know how overwhelming it is when you need to clear out a house or apartment Today! We will clear it all out, and even pay you for the more valuable items. One call and your one bedroom apartment will be clear in a day. Most larger homes can also be cleared within a couple days.

We take everything you want out; even the junk. We find a home for the super cool stuff by selling it for extremely reasonable prices at our store. We send boxes of things to Am Vets each week. And we offer the same overflow to our customers for garage sale prices. This is the place to get a t.v. stand or Dior shirt for $1. The landfills don't get much business from us.

Pictured here: Mid-century Bar from the 1960s $100.  Brass bird and feather design punch bowl set $25. Comfy brown leather love-seat $25. (Yes $25). Hand made coffee table with mad men legs $55. Sexy Modern black and white chair $100.

Hurry in to buy these items before someone else does. Regular hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 7 days a week. Don't miss out.
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