THE ESTATE SALE - Fun Furniture, Rare Books, and Other Curiosities
Our half price sale was so popular, we decided to start everything that comes in at half the good price. This means that if you like it, you will love the price.
We appreciate the generous spirit of those who offer to sell their estates to us for a token payment and our labor. We are glad to be of service to them, and then be able to pass on their belongings at a fraction of the actual value.
Resellers are swarming, but end users, people who are buying for themselves, are welcome too. We are kind of the Costco of the vintage and handmade décor industry.
Sample prices: All books, including suade couch $60; vintage children's books and art books $1 each; Genuine fur $25; Hand full of marbles $3; Handcrafted doll house $225.
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